Mack Boots

Designed for the unique requirements of working on the roof. The PITCH features pressure dispersion panels on the lateral side of the foot, key adaption zones in the mid and ball of the foot, a sole unit designed to maximise traction and adaption to the contours of the roof, all...

The combination of electrical HAZARD certification and the performance features of the ADAPT™ Range makes the Octane Zip ideal for electricians and construction workers that work on uneven surfaces and can be exposed to electric currents. ZIPclosure provides easy access and a quick exit in emergencies.

The easy access ZIPclosure of the BLAST makes it ideal for workers exposed to sparks, working around water or required to remove their boots multiple times a day. The ScuffCAP improves durability to ensure that the boots comply with standards for as long as possible.

Ready for hikes in the mountains or just around town the WATERPROOF design provides grip and stability while keeping you dry.

Lightweight athletic safety shoe designed specifically for light industry including warehousing, transport and garbage collectors who clock up big miles on their feet with minimal wear and tear on their footwear. The heat welded exoSHIELD upper ensures a seam free upper for maximum comfort and durability.

Lace up casual safety shoe that is perfect for a stylish smart casual look. The flexible sole design and silicone gel cushioned innersole ensure that your feet will be comfortable during a long day at work.